Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Bizarre Things Made from Car Parts

1. Would you like to sit down? If you have got a lemon car inherited from your granny or grandpa you can turn the front part of it into a cool sofa.

2. If you are a blonde and cannot drive a car properly, you can just make a glamorous handbag from the plate number.

3. Don’t need the front and back lamps anymore? The next alarm clock-lamp can keep them for you.

4. It sounds funny, but this is a real computer made from Porche Cayenne wheels. So where are the buttons?

5. Too much lemon car stuff? You must use it for music-playing. The concert of car-stuff musical instruments occurred in some European and American cities recently.

6. By the way, there is one more extra-ordinary decision for the car lamps. One guy made … a case for cellular phone from them!

7. If you’re a hotel owner and want to impress the visitors, the next newspaper table is right for you or, more exactly, for the waiting guests.

8. This creative design is also made from lemon car parts. It can be a good toy for your kids or the best decision for hi-tech home interior.

9. Need a new table? Take a tire and some glass. Here it is!

10. The local inhabitants of dark continents can’t afford a vehicle, but they can afford a new pair of sandals made from the recycled tires.

Good ideas for using lemon car parts to you!

Source: AllWorldCars


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