Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Bizarre Things Made from Car Parts

1. Would you like to sit down? If you have got a lemon car inherited from your granny or grandpa you can turn the front part of it into a cool sofa.

2. If you are a blonde and cannot drive a car properly, you can just make a glamorous handbag from the plate number.

3. Don’t need the front and back lamps anymore? The next alarm clock-lamp can keep them for you.

4. It sounds funny, but this is a real computer made from Porche Cayenne wheels. So where are the buttons?

5. Too much lemon car stuff? You must use it for music-playing. The concert of car-stuff musical instruments occurred in some European and American cities recently.

6. By the way, there is one more extra-ordinary decision for the car lamps. One guy made … a case for cellular phone from them!

7. If you’re a hotel owner and want to impress the visitors, the next newspaper table is right for you or, more exactly, for the waiting guests.

8. This creative design is also made from lemon car parts. It can be a good toy for your kids or the best decision for hi-tech home interior.

9. Need a new table? Take a tire and some glass. Here it is!

10. The local inhabitants of dark continents can’t afford a vehicle, but they can afford a new pair of sandals made from the recycled tires.

Good ideas for using lemon car parts to you!

Source: AllWorldCars

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now This is Really Bad Day!!!

Even when you are having a really bad day, someone will still screw you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jacuzzi FULL Of Chicks!!!

DAMN! This is HOT!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Castle Miranda Belgium - Abandoned Place

The Castle of Miranda - also known as Castle of Noisy or Home de Noisy - located not far from Dinant in Belgium, is abandoned since 1991.

During the French revolution, the family of the Count from Liedekerke-Beaufort has left the nearby feudal castle of Veves to hide in a farm outside the village. After the revolution, the farm took the name of castle and finally became this gigantic house. The castle is built in 1866 by an English architect called Milner.
Between World War I and II, the castle became the 'Home de Noisy', a vacation camp for SNCB (Belgian national rail company) railwaymen's childrens.
It was finally abandoned in 1991after a fire and is slowly falling in ruins since.
This castle has now became a very dangerous place to explore! Never go there alone!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cute Baby Crocodile Pictures

Female crocodiles lay eggs (about 9 to 90 eggs) and bury them in the sand.

A baby crocodile has an egg tooth on the end of its snout. It is a tough piece of skin which is totally reabsorbed less than two months after hatching. Crocodile eggs are similar to those of birds in that they have an inner membrane and an outer one. The egg tooth is used to tear open the inner membrane; the baby crocodile can then push its way through the outer shell. If conditions are particularly dry that year, the inner membrane may be too tough for the crocodile to break through, and without assistance it will simply die inside the egg. Generally, however, the mother crocodile is there to help free it.

Little crocs in some species make chirping sounds in their eggs when they are about to hatch. This tells the mother croc to dig them out of the sand nest.

99% of the crocodile offspring are eaten in the first year of life by large fish, lizards, birds, and ... adult crocodiles.

Adult crocodiles live to around 50 to 60 years; however, some have lived as long as 130 years!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Los Angeles Without People - Strange!

Empty L.A. - Los Angeles Without People

Matt Logue's -Empty Los Angeles- photography book shows the effect of L.A. being completely people-less. The click through is worth it. The photos were made over a period of 4 years, beginning in 2005, at a variety of locations around LA.

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