Tuesday, May 12, 2009

X-Ray Photos Of Different Consoles And Its Accessories

X-ray technician and Flickr member Reintji has combined his passions into a rather splendid peek inside the workings of game consoles. Presumably sliding the hardware into the x-ray machine between fracture victims, he offers a glimpse inside the old and the new, from NES to XBox 360.

While the consoles themselves are moderately interesting, they're all pretty similar - square boxes with a bunch of chips inside. The controllers, though, are where this ongoing project shines. The various joypads are instantly recognizable through their silhouettes and this makes the internal gubbins all the more fascinating.

Above we have the iconic NES controller alongside the rather more complex N64 controller (to me the best controller ever made). Head to Reintji's FLickr gallery to see the big versions, including the NES Zapper gun.



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